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Széchenyi István University is proud that its work is perceived not only as professional, educational and meets a high standard of scientific research but also as being social responsible. Our students will not only be engineers, technical educators, IT specialist, lawyers, economists, musicians, health and social science professionals but will also be the intellectuals of the country and this region, who are social responsible as well.

Széchenyi István University in Győr emphasizes basic research next to the applied sciences so our educator-researcher colleagues have seen what will be and what could be within five years. Moreover, they not only see but also shape the future actively.

Our university has been undertaking the building of an exemplary model of the changing Hungarian higher education system. To this we have found excellent partners: the city of Győr and the energetic regional industry within Audi Hungaria, which is committed to the community and the society and the active students who are proud of their university.

The effect of the economy of Győr, the regional organizational power of the city and the university’s influence can be felt not only in the city but well beyond its borders into the surrounding area and region. The purpose of the university is to be the intellectual and developmental centre of Győr, which is closely connected to the economy of the area.

We are building the future in Győr!

Yours sincerely,

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