Simulation and Optimization Mathematics Research Group

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

The aim of the international research group - established by the subvention of the European Union and the National Development Agency, within the scope of the project, number 4.2.2-08/1-2008-0021 of the Social Renewal Operative Programme (TÁMOP) - is to perform basic research in the fields of numerical mathematics on the grounds of innovation, which enables the creation and development of quick simulations of complex physical and production systems. The application of these processes considerably reduces the calculation time and is able to solve simulation tasks that cannot be solved with the programmes available at present. On the one hand, suitable mathematical processes have to be developed for that, on the other hand, the possibility of establishing it to be run on a multi-processor computer, graphic card and on FPGA.

An important element of the project’s activity is to build professional connections with the final goal of developing an international research network that – in addition to publishing the achieved results - introduces them into the tertiary education.

Elements of the research:

  • Creating a multi- and trans-disciplinary research team
  • Strengthening international research contacts
  • Performing basic research, publishing new results
  • Training young researchers, pre-doctoral applicants
  • Establishing innovations
  • Maintaining the research group with research and development and innovation (K+F+I) projects, based on the achieved results

Research programme director: Dr. Zoltán Horváth, college professor, email:

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