MSc in Marketing

Master’s Programme in Marketing – full-time study


The objectives of the programme are: To provide insight into international and, especially, East and Central European marketing processes. To understand real business problems and their potential solutions. To increase knowledge of institutional and corporate systems and challenges (by inviting guest lecturers from the business world). To enable students to experience market analysis (by practice and by participation in research). To increase ability in the professional communication of knowledge in English (through conference participation and publications). The programme’s curriculum mixes theory with practice and self-directed learning with the tutor-assisted learning to student knowledge and ability.

The programme include the following specialisations:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Tourism and Service marketing

These specialisations help students experience the wider dimensions of the economy. They provide professional competence for students:

  • To help them find employment at all levels of the business market.
  • To enable them to do independent analysis.
  • To give them a reliable knowledge for decision making.
  • To help them know how to deal with eventual conflicts in business life.

Course structure:

  • Number of semesters: 4
  • Number of the credit required: 120 study credits
  • Number of contact lectures: 1440
  • Number of contact lectures (correspondence course): 432

General academic calendar:

The program begins in autumn semester!

Autumn semester:
Application deadline:  June 1,
Registration: August
Semester: September – January
Examination period: December - January

Spring semester:

Spring semester: February – May
Examination period: May - June

Teaching staff:
Lectures by invited experts from the business world are added to the regular teaching sessions.

Application and Admission

All tuition and fees for the first semester must be paid prior to enrolment. At the time of enrolment, you will need to present proof that you have paid your first academic year fee via bank transfer. In case of late or partial payment of tuition fees, the University reserves the right to refuse enrolment.

Tuition fees for the program are as follows:


Tuition fee

Graduate tuition and fees, leading to M.Sc. degree for graduates of external higher education institutions

EUR 3,000  per semester

Tuition and fees for special students (courses leading to no degree)

EUR 50/credit points  (min. 30 credit points per semester)

Accomodation and living expenses are additional and are paid by the applicants.

For further information, please contact the Center of International Programs:

Address: 9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1, Hungary
Tel: +36/96/503-418
Fax: +36/96/613-560

Office time: Monday–Thursday: 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.


Course requirements for Admission to this Programme:

courses should be done at bachelor level in each group of the following three

  1.  methodology studies: Mathematics, Statistics, Informatics (or similar)
  2.  theoritical economics: Micro-, Macro-, International, Regional, Environmental economics, e. g. (or similar)
  3. business studies: Marketing, Human recources management, Leadership, Accountancy, Finance, Business Economics, Business Law, Strategic Management e. g. (or similar)

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