International Public and Private Law Department Research Group

Deák Ferenc Faculty of Administration and Law

The department of International Administration and Law has two fields of research.

1. International Public Law Themes

  • Dr. Lamm Vanda - academic, professor
    • judicial settlement of international disputes
    • international protection of human rights
    • international environmental law
    • the rights of international organizations
    • rule of law in international law
    • nuclear rights
  • Dr. Sulyok Gábor – scientific vice dean, associate professor
    • prohibition of violence and interference in international law
    • United Nations Security Council
    • international protection of human rights
    • sources of international law: general principles, unilateral acts of states
    • the history of international law
  • Dr. Ganczer Mónika – assistant lecturer
    • formation of states
    • theory and practice of state succession
    • issues of nationality in international law
  • Dr. Kecskés Gábor - assistant lecturer
    • international environmental law
    • international liability law
    • environmental liability

2. Research topics in Private International Law and European Law

  • Dr. Milassin László - associate professor, head of department
    • legal aspects of information technology services (e-commerce, copyright, data protection, etc.)
    • the substantive law of the European Union
    • „Wiener Arbeitskreis": The reform of the European private law
  • Dr. Horváthy Balázs – university senior lecturer
    • the international economic law
    • the economic policy of the European Union

The aim of our research is to publish our studies, organizing conferences and curriculum development.

Head of the research group: Dr. Milassin László, associate professor, e-mail:

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