East Central Europe and the Balkan Research Centre (KEBA Centre)

Kautz Gyula Faculty of Economics

The Central-Eastern-European and Balkan Research Centre is an independent research unit, operating, as part of the Kautz Gyula Faculty for Economics of Széchenyi István University. The centre takes part in the activities of the Regional- and Economics Doctoral School and also has connections with the research of the West-Hungarian Scientific Institute of the Regional Research Centre of the MTA (Hungarian Academy of Science).

The centre’s research activities follow an interdisciplinary process, approaching it from the direction of economic science, geographical science, political science, geopolitics and also from social science into a geographically defined area of states, group of states, and regional units, under the state level. Besides the examination of the definite “Central-Eastern-Europe” and “Balkan” with consideration to the connection-system of the area, the geographical borders of obtaining knowledge have to be extended to “East-Europe”.

The directions of the researches are determined to promote the improvement of the education-research work - and the deepening of it in specific areas - in the faculty, especially in the doctoral school. The centre pays special attention to the students of the doctoral school, promoting their scientific progress, initiating them into the implementation of research projects and other activities utilizing their system of contacts and information transfer. The centre would like to connect organically to the master courses, specifically the international economics and management, as well as the regional- and environmental economics programmes.

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