BA International Relations

Bachelor’s Programme in International Relations – full-time study


The International Relations BA programme is designed to learn how the world works. A multidisciplinary and flexible programme and the quality of education combine a wide range of courses in international relations, history, economics, political science, foreign languages, sociology and regional studies, among other disciplines. Thus, the programme is for individuals who are able to understand and interpret complexity and are prepared to to handle a broad range of evidence, analyse complex issues and present arguments in a clear, concise and effective manner. As well as knowledge of key subfields and theories of international relations as a discipline, graduates understand relations between nations and display familiarity with foreign cultures and languages.


Carreer opportunity:

The programme prepares students for leadership and service in the international diplomatic, professional, and academic communities.

  • government, e.g. member of the country’s Foreign service; 
  • (global) corporations, e.g.  consultant for a multilateral organisation;
  • nongovernmental organizations, e.g. development expert in an NGO

Course structure:

The total number of credits needed to complete the programme is 180 credits. The courses of the program are divided into three categories: compulsory courses (157 credits), thesis courses (10 credits) and elective courses (13)credits).

1 credit equals one ECTS credit, and 1 credit is defined as 25 student working hours.

General academic calendar:

The program begins in autumn semester!

Autumn semester:
Application deadline:  June 1,
Registration: August
Semester: September – January
Examination period: December - January

Spring semester:
Spring semester: February – May
Examination period: May - June

Teaching staff:
Lectures by invited experts from the business world are added to the regular teaching sessions.

Application and Admission

All tuition and fees for the first semester must be paid prior to enrolment. At the time of enrolment, you will need to present proof that you have paid your first academic year fee via bank transfer. In case of late or partial payment of tuition fees, the University reserves the right to refuse enrolment.

Tuition fees for the program are as follows:


For all international students

Graduate tuition and fees, leading to BA degree

EUR 2,300 per semester

Tuition and fees for special students (courses leading to no degree)

EUR 50/credit points (min. 30 credit points per semester)

Accomodation and living expenses are additional and are paid by the applicants.

For further information, please contact the Center of International Programs:

Address: 9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1, Hungary
Tel: +36/96/503-418
Fax: +36/96/613-560

Office time: Monday–Thursday: 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.


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